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Training Dogs is my passion. From a young age, I always knew I wanted to pursue a career with Animals.


Over the years I've worked in daycares and kennels, managing up to 30 dogs per day with a fantastic hands-on opportunity to experience and train a variety of breeds. In addition to shadowing many talented trainers and volunteering with assistance dog charities.


I’m now halfway through my degree with bishop burton studying Canine Behaviour and Training to develop my theoretical training knowledge. So I can provide an expert level of understanding to clients. 


My favourite thing to work on is the bond between dogs and their owners and seeing them achieve awesome life skills! I look forward to guiding both new and seasoned dog owners through each training journey.


While introducing myself it would feel unfair to not pay tribute to the dogs that have taught and continue to teach me each day.


When my little cockapoo Darcy came into my life 6 years ago, she opened up lots of doors for me and since then we’ve never looked back. Initially starting out in trick training, we then jumped into the world of agility once she was old enough and have had the pleasure of trying out for team GB, competing and placing at Crufts, and many more achievements during this time.


Along with Darcy, I also have my two boys. Digby was my first rescue dog and really developed my understanding of the complex behaviour problems we might see in some dogs and how to guide them through it. And Reign being a very hyperactive breed has helped to teach me what life is like with our more fast-paced and working type dogs. I'm hopeful my youngest Reign will follow Darcy's footsteps in becoming a successful agility dog one day.

Elise has such amazing knowledge, totally positive and rewarding methods always used whilst training. She is so patient and understanding with every dog she trains.

Rebecca Colley, Millie and Swifts owner

Elise's wealth of knowledge when it comes to both canine training & behaviour, as well as the "do's and don'ts" of puppy hunting have been invaluable to my dogs and I. Couldn't of done it without her!

Becca Brewer, Dime and Gossips's Owner

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Email: elisedogtraining@gmail.com

Mobile: 07951 110763


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