Occasionally we will host training workshops. All sessions are an hour long and provide endless fun and tuition. From puppy socialisation to tricks, we teach it all.

Workshops are a brilliant way to enjoy training in a group setting without committing to a 6 week course. With specific subject points suitable for puppies through to adults. Take a look at our different workshop themes to see which one might be right for you

Puppy Socialisation

Are you wanting to socialise your puppy in a safe environment, providing them with positive learning experiences. This course will do just that! 


Give your puppy the head start they need in life, teaching them to play and train appropriately around other puppies.


This workshop covers:


  • Structured play between puppies

  • The do's and dont's of socialising

  • Building optimism and confidence

  • Learning to focus around other dogs

  • Novel object experiences


Suitable for puppies up to 6 months of age - must be fully vaccinated

Recall Refresh

Do you dream of long walks with your dog and them running back when called? Join us in this new workshop built to recharge your dogs recall and troubleshoot any problems with a trainer present.

You'll learn all the basics in building a super strong recall and handling training hiccups.

This workshop covers:

  • How to start out right

  • Fixing common training mistakes

  • Engagement principles

  • Dog walking etiquette

  • Real practice near distractions

Suitable for dogs of any age from puppy to adult - all experience levels welcome

Learn to be a Trick-star

Searching for something fun and new to try with your dog? Well, look no further! Trick-Stars accommodates dogs of all ages and abilities.


You’ll learn different ways to start teaching your dog’s new moves and become a Super Trick-Star! 


This workshop covers:


  • The different ways to teach tricks

  • How to use a clicker in your training

  • Basic Tricks such as Rollover, Beg, High-five, and Spin

  • Through to advanced tricks like Leg Weaves, Feet on Feet, Walking Backwards, and Orbit!

  • You’ll even leave with some modeling moves too for those picture perfect moments!


Suitable for all puppies and dogs (content will be adapted for puppies)

Powerful Play

How can you improve your partnership and training results while having fun?

Play? You bet! 

Inject some fun back into your relationship with your dog and use play to your advantage. You'll learn about the benefits of play and how to engage your dog best during training.

This workshop covers:

  • Natural drive and how to use it

  • Playing around distractions

  • Fun games to get you both moving

  • Transitioning toys into training

Suitable for puppies and adults - a great starting course for those interested in dogs sports

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