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Treats not working? Here are​ some tips!

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

What if your dog doesn’t like treats?

Now there are a few avenues we can look at for this. Have you just not found a kind of food that motivates your dog, are they too excited to focus on eating or do they just love their toys that much?

First I would try a food pallet 🍽

Offer your dog a series of high value foods such as different meats, cheeses (primula is always a good one) and even some more obscure options such as dried sprats and chopped up fruits.

If you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be floating their boat, keep reading!

Build value in praise 🎊

Some dogs might want the moon on a stick and others are happy with a pat and verbal praise. Work on playing with your dog and helping them to appreciate praise that comes purely from you. A good relationship and bond can go a long way in training and is a pivotal part in achieving success.

Generalise what you’re teaching them 🌲

It could be that your dog finds the outside world so exciting they find it more rewarding. Gradually build up what you’re asking from them in new places and use the environment as their reward.

For example Your dog might love the beach. Ask them to sit or do a trick before allowing them to run off lead. Next time build this up to two more behaviours and then begin to practice a little bit at a time while they’re off lead too.

Remember a new place means we work from the start with no high expectations.

Toys toys and more toys!🎾

You might have a dog who just adores toys and thinks they’re much more fun! That’s okay, use this to your advantage. If they love their ball, use this to lure them for tricks and heeling like you would if you used food and instead of eating they receive a game of play with their toy.

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